The Mottis

pure honky tonk madness

Classic country music, as it is played in the honky-tonks of Austin & Nashville. Songs about loving, losing & coal mining

Fancy Schmendrik

irritating jazz fusion

A power trio from the north performing a dazzling assortment of jazz-fusion classics from the last 4 decades

Kricha Raka

Poetry rock

Carefully chosen texts from Israel's finest modern-day poets set to original contemporary rock music

Yachas Cham

Israeli hits from the 60s & 70s

A trip down memory lane with all of Israeli's pop & rock stars from the seventies. Lots of sing-alongs and audience participation, performed by a veteran street musician backed by Jerusalem's finest rhythm section

Orti & The Buttercups

the greatest duos in recording history

A fitting tribute to the greatest singing duos in the history of recorded music, performed in an intimate minimilastic style with nothing but a guitar and 2 voices in close harmony